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Arena Of Valor Hack – Vouchers, Gold and Gems Cheats 2020

Arena of Valor is an amazing multiplayer online battle arena game, which is published by Tencent Games. The game is available on multi-platforms that include Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is quite exciting as you have to battle against other online players by assembling a team of five warriors. Arena of Valor also features PVE missions where you have to complete different missions, which are progressively difficult unless you use Arena Of Valor Hack.


The game is free to play; but, there are lots of items that can be purchased with in-game currency. These currencies are difficult to acquire, so many gamers lose their interest while playing the game. In order to understand the Arena of Valor game better, you need to know more about these currencies. So, continue reading!


It is a main in-game currency, which can be used to buy Heroes and their gear. Almost all Heroes and their equipment can be bought in the game by using Gold, excluding some premium items. Earning Gold is very easy as you acquire them by playing PVP and PVE battles in the game. You also earn Gold by logging into the game for certain number of days in a row and by playing some number of battles each day. However, the amount of Gold that you earn is limited. So, it is advisable to make use Arena Of Valor Hack for generating loads of Gold instantly.


Gems are the secondary in-game currency, which can be used to purchase extraordinary items such as special chests, experience, and Gold boost cards. You can earn Gems by completing different Achievements that are stated in the Achievements tab of the game or by using Arena Of Valor Cheats 2020. You also earn some amount of Gems by logging in daily and few additional Gems by logging to the game during weekends.


They are the special in-game currency, which cannot be earned in the game and can only be bought with real money. There are lot of equipment that can be bought with Vouchers, which includes special Heroes, skins, special gear, Gold and experience boosting cards. They can also be used to change the name of your account or change your existing guild. If you do not want to use real money for buying them, then you can consider using Arena Of Valor hack 2020.

How To Acquire In-Game Currencies?

The three currencies of the game can be bought with real money, which is obviously an easy option, or you can get them by working hard in the game. If you wish to purchase them with your hard-earned money then make sure you buy on occasions when there are several discounts offered. A better alternative is to use Arena Of Valor Hack for earning them instantly.

If you want to follow the hard way and earn them by yourself, then it is recommended to follow the below mentioned tips:

  • Arcana are gears that can be used to enhance the abilities of the hero. There are three types of Arcana in the game; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. If you wish to make your hero stronger then make sure you gather enough Gold to spend on Level 3 Arcana.
  • Try to login daily in order to receive rewards in the form of Gold and Gems; especially on those days when you are not playing.
  • Purchase more Lucky Draw Tickets as they can give you rare items as rewards, which can only be bought by using Vouchers.
  • Play as many matches as you can in order to earn Gold so that you can collect enough currency to upgrade your character or purchase a new hero.
  • The game is mainly focused on team battles so make sure you spend towards the growth and development of all your playable characters, instead of spending only on one character.
  • Try using arena of valor hack to get all currency you want.

Arena of Valor is one of the most popular MOBA games ever made and below mentioned are some of the important aspects that have contributed towards its popularity:

Free to Play:

The mobile version of the game is free to download and play. You just require a compatible iOS and Android device in order to play the game. Due to this feature, several gamers have been induced to play the game. Also resources can be generated with Arena of Valor hack.

Easy Controls:

Several games feature difficult control systems, which makes it playable for selected gamers who are well-versed with complex control system. However, Art of Valor game features simple control system, so players who are new to the world of gaming can easily play it. Moreover, the action in the game can be easily controlled by swiping the game screen.

Single Player Campaign:

Arena of Valor features a diverse single player campaign where you need to complete different missions assigned in order to level up. The missions are progressively difficult in nature, but the rewards are higher as the mission difficulty increases. Single Player campaigns are the best way to kill time and practice your moves before competing with real players in the PVP Battles.

Intense PVP Battles:

You can play against thousands of online players by assembling a team of your best five warriors. The battles featured in the game are very engaging and the graphics are breathtaking. You can show your battle skills against other online players and dominate over them in different battle arenas. Other than 5 vs. 5 matches, you can also play 3 vs. 3 and 1-on-1 matches against other players.

Different Playable Characters:

Arena of Valor features over 40 different playable characters that you can select for your game. These characters belong to different races namely Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Warriors, Support, and Assassins. Each race is further divided into various warriors that can be unlocked and used in battles. Moreover, each warrior has unique abilities.

For instance; Assassins are good for stealth missions, Marksmen are better for ranged combat arenas, whereas Warriors and Tanks are useful in close range combats. Apart from the Heroes of these races, the game also features iconic Heroes from DC Comics, which includes legendary characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc.

Character Upgrade:

You can upgrade your characters by improving their skill sets, which can be done by earning experience points in the game. The best way to earn XP is by participating in PVP battles. The more number of battles you participate in, the more will be the rewards and experience points earned! You can also play single player missions in order to earn additional rewards and experience points.

Team Battles:

You can team up along with other online players and battle with opponents to show your dominance in the game. The Team Battles brings out the best in you, as each player chooses their finest player in the battle. You can join forces with your friends or compete with strangers in order to participate in the Team Battles against other players.

Stay Socially Connected:

The game gives you an opportunity to socially connect with other online players. You can voice chat with other players, which will help in connecting with several players and learn from their experience. You can collectively strategize by teaming up with the best players across the world.

The game also features Highlights Reel where you can record you best moments of the game and showcase them to other players. Similarly, you can also view the Highlight Reel of other online players in the game. Another newly added feature allows you to share gifts with your friends in the game. These gifts can be sent to your friends once per day. The Streaming feature lets you show your moves to other online players, so that everyone can know what you are capable of in the game.

All the above-mentioned features have made Arena of Valor one of the most popular MOBA games for mobile devices. The game has acquired 4.5 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. It is an addictive game and if you follow the aforesaid tips carefully for generating in-game currencies with Arena Of Valor Cheats then you can surely beat anyone in Arena of Valor game. So, follow them diligently and have an enjoyable time!


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